• Creative Testing in Direct Mail

      In this article we will discuss creative testing. After you’ve run a list test and an offer test, you’re ready for creative testing. In order to develop a creative test, you should have a control piece, established from previously successful campaigns, or a piece with a compelling call to action and an enticing, tested Read More

  • Testing Direct Mail Offers

      Direct Mail testing is an effective strategy to improve the response to existing or new campaigns. Testing allows for meaningful insights into ways to increase response to your mail campaigns and achieve a deeper understanding of what motivates your customers to respond or take action.   Testing should be done on a regular schedule, Read More

  • List Testing in Direct Mail

    “If you mail an entire mailing list the first time you try it, you aren’t testing, you’re gambling.” -Edward Nash [1]   When looking at your marketing budget, testing should always be included as a necessary upfront expense. The reason is that companies can “assume” a launch will be successful and then run the risk Read More

  • Create a Compelling Offer…One that Gets Response

    Now that you know who your customer is, the next step is to come up with an irresistible offer that will drive response.   When thinking about your target, you need to be able to answer the question, “What’s in it for them?” Why would your customers want to take advantage of your offer? [1]. Read More

  • How to Identify and Select the Target Market for Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

      As Edward Nash, the father of Direct Mail puts it, when it comes to identifying your target market, “There is only one common denominator that you can count on – interest in your product” (Nash, 2000, p. 56) And while your first response may be to design your advertising for the masses, you must Read More

  • 10 Steps to Creating a Direct Marketing Mail Plan

      Did you know that in today’s digital world, direct mail marketing remains one of the top most trusted sources of advertising? Radio and TV ads are a distant second and third [1]. By following the steps we’ve outlined, you can create an effective Direct Mail Marketing campaign with trackable responses.   This month we Read More

  • Add This to Your Marketing Strategy and Increase Your Bottom Line

      In today’s world, customers are continuously surrounded by choice [1]. With the internet and ease of price shopping, both consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly price sensitive to find the best deals. How does a company or brand with products and/or services win in this competitive landscape? The answer is by creating loyalty at the Read More

  • Not All Surveys Are Created Equal: Advantages of Sending Surveys via the Mail

    Direct mail is delivered to a customer’s home or business where they can open and interact with it. A direct mail survey is often perceived as more credible than electronic surveys that may end up among a heap of spam in the inbox. Despite the digital methods of distribution offered by many companies, direct mail is Read More

  • Why it Pays to Send Customer Surveys

      Sending surveys to your customers is extremely important for insight into their experience with your products and services and how you are satisfying their needs [1]. Your survey should help you learn about their expectations, experiences, and perceptions of you, and their customer satisfaction levels and areas where improvement is needed. Data based on Read More

  • The Three Vital Components to Designing a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

    The average human’s attention span is 8-12 seconds, less than a goldfish, according to Time Magazine [1]. With day-to-day tasks, work, family obligations and constant digital distractions, the average person hasn’t got a moment to waste. Today marketers need to know how to grab their target’s attention quickly and keep it long enough to get their Read More

  • The Three Reasons Direct Mail Delivers the Best ROI

      When planning your next marketing campaign, you may be considering which marketing channels to use. For decades, direct mail has proven to perform time and time again, delivering business results [1]. While hype around newer marketing channels such as social media increases, direct mail marketing continues to deliver profitability as a highly effective direct Read More

  • The Top 5 Strategies for Reaching Seniors with Direct Mail

    Seniors play a significant role as consumers in today’s market [1]. However, this older demographic can be harder to reach via online channels due to their reduced presence online. While this challenge may deter companies purely focused on digital marketing to reach customers, there is ample opportunity to reach senior audiences through direct mail.   Read More

  • The Top Four Reasons Millennials Love Getting Direct Mail

    As online advertising channels become ever more crowded vying for consumers’ attention, direct mail remains a steadfast and reliable advertising medium for reaching your perfect consumer. Despite society’s love of technology, particularly among millennials, direct mail is more valuable than ever now that people are being constantly bombarded with online ads and offers.

  • Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for 2019 – What Marketers Need to Know

    The year 2019 will witness greater changes in direct mail marketing as it is growing rapidly and continues to produce results. According to Statista [1], the direct mail industry will make up to $10.9 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2022. The new strategies for direct mail marketing will include use of big data, variable Read More

  • Top 10 Trends in Direct Mail Marketing

    By: Genesis Direct Staff   Direct mail is a relevant part of an effective marketing strategy. The digital marketing media landscape is saturated and consumers are bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis. These advertisements all compete for attention and limit the potential return on investment for marketers looking to make a sale.   Direct mail Read More

  • A Perfect Pair: Integrating Email with Direct Mail Campaigns

    In Marketing, we all know our goal is to: Deliver the right message, To the right audience, At the right time, In the right way.   Did you know that customers who purchase products and services because of a combination of Email and Direct Mail promotion tend to have higher average order values and much higher lifetime Read More

  • Genesis Direct Receives USPS Seamless Acceptance Accreditation

    The USPS has accredited Genesis Direct as a Seamless Acceptance provider.  Genesis Direct’s USPS Seamless Acceptance allows our customers to benefit from a faster and more stream-lined mail delivery process. With this process in place, Genesis can target in-home delivery windows much more accurately and timely.

  • Envelope Envy: How to get Your Direct Mail Opened in Your Customer’s Driveway

    Imagine you’re sitting in the lobby of a business waiting for your interview. You’re prepared, professionally dressed, you’ve done your research, and you’re ready to explain to the hiring manager why you’re the right fit for the job. Your interviewer enters from the closed doors behind the front desk, makes eye contact with you, and Read More

  • Variable Data Printing: An Innovative Marketing Technique that Makes a Huge Impact

    Whether it was your initials carved on the trunk of a tree, your hand prints molded in the concrete sidewalk of your childhood home, or your first label maker you used to mark your name on all your valuables – personalization made an impact on your life early on. Now as adults we crave personalized Read More

  • Profitable Common-Sense Targeting

    In today’s world of big data, real time decision engines, (where the results of an action, like web searches are factored back into the process in real time),  artificial intelligence and all other ‘bleeding edge’ innovations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to pair all these new options with your real-world marketing objectives and limitations. Read More

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