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The Top Four Reasons Millennials Love Getting Direct Mail

As online advertising channels become ever more crowded vying for consumers’ attention, direct mail remains a steadfast and reliable advertising medium for reaching your perfect consumer. Despite society’s love of technology, particularly among millennials, direct mail is more valuable than ever now that people are being constantly bombarded with online ads and offers. It’s often […]

Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for 2019 – What Marketers Need to Know

The year 2019 will witness greater changes in direct mail marketing as it is growing rapidly and continues to produce results. According to Statista [1], the direct mail industry will make up to $10.9 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2022. The new strategies for direct mail marketing will include use of big data, variable […]

Top 10 Trends in Direct Mail Marketing

By: Genesis Direct Staff   Direct mail is a relevant part of an effective marketing strategy. The digital marketing media landscape is saturated and consumers are bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis. These advertisements all compete for attention and limit the potential return on investment for marketers looking to make a sale.   Direct mail […]

A Perfect Pair: Integrating Email with Direct Mail Campaigns

In Marketing, we all know our goal is to: Deliver the right message, To the right audience, At the right time, In the right way.   Did you know that customers who purchase products and services because of a combination of Email and Direct Mail promotion tend to have higher average order values and much higher lifetime […]

Genesis Direct Receives USPS Seamless Acceptance Accreditation

The USPS has accredited Genesis Direct as a Seamless Acceptance provider.  Genesis Direct’s USPS Seamless Acceptance allows our customers to benefit from a faster and more stream-lined mail delivery process. With this process in place, Genesis can target in-home delivery windows much more accurately and timely.

Profitable Common-Sense Targeting

In today’s world of big data, real time decision engines, (where the results of an action, like web searches are factored back into the process in real time),  artificial intelligence and all other ‘bleeding edge’ innovations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to pair all these new options with your real-world marketing objectives and limitations. […]