Create a Compelling Offer…One that Gets Response

Now that you know who your customer is, the next step is to come up with an irresistible offer that will drive response.


When thinking about your target, you need to be able to answer the question, “What’s in it for them?” Why would your customers want to take advantage of your offer? [1]. If you were them, would you be chomping at the bit to redeem this offer or would you scrap it the minute it hit your countertop? What types of offers get posted to the fridge and what gets recycled?


1. Free Products or Services

“Free” will likely motivate your audience (especially those new to your brand) to take action over any other offer. For example, if you offer ‘one free month membership’, vs. ‘10% off an annual membership’, you’re likely to receive a higher response given a consumer’s affinity for ‘FREE’ stuff [2].


2. Risk Reversal

Help ease a first-time customer’s doubts and allow them to try your products or services with little to no risk. Offering a money-back guarantee or a risk-free trial (see our first topic above) will not only demonstrate your confidence in your product, but will instill confidence in the customer that taking advantage of your offer is a worthwhile venture [3].


3. Bonuses

What extras can you add that will increase the value of your offer? Sometimes even the smallest additions can motivate the customer to buying your product or service [4]. For example, someone could be hesitant to join a gym because they don’t know how to create a workout routine and may be intimidated by the equipment. If your offer comes with a time-limited bonus that includes two sessions of personal training and equipment instructions, that person will be more likely to join knowing that they’ll have a trained instructor who will create a personal workout and explain the equipment.


4. Scarcity or urgency

If a person believes that they can cash in on your offer anytime, many will procrastinate or never get around to redeeming it at all [5]. If you’re trying to measure and evaluate your initial offerings and target market, you need some concrete ending to it so that you know when you can safely assess your results. Furthermore, if there’s an expiration date or a limited quantity on your offer, revenue can be estimated better.


5. Payment plan

If your product or service is a high-ticket item, offering a payment plan is a savvy way to earn more business from those who don’t have large chunks of money laying around [6]. Even if your target market is considered a wealthier segment, people appreciate having the opportunity to pay in smaller increments so that they don’t have to risk getting rid of their available cash up front. You can always offer a discount to those who pay in full to make the full-payment option more attractive.


With a compelling, meaningful offer, you’ll experience higher response rates and a healthy ROI. Using the steps outlined above, you’ll be sure to deliver a successful campaign.


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