Genesis Direct Makes an Exciting Investment for its Customers

BIG NEWS...Genesis has made an exciting investment in the company, for the customer – the new HP Indigo 10000 digital printing press…a variable imaging digital printing press with actual ink. It is a high-quality, high-speed, highly-innovative, four-color digital press.

Even the sheet size is big….29.5” x 20.9”. The sheet size for these presses allows a standard postcard to fit nine –up… that’s right nine. A standard 8.5 by 11 letter fits 5 up.

But who needs standard with the capabilities of the HP Indigo 10000?

It prints on uncoated or coated sheets, colored paper, recycled, metallics and other specialty media. This thing can even run cardboard. Paper weight can range from 45 to 150 lb.

The folding options are practically endless – slits and perfs done in-line. Tip-on cards, scratch-offs, adhesive strips, tabs. Origami it, chances are Genesis Direct can produce it.

And, don’t forget the color. This baby runs up to seven colors to virtually push past the visible spectrum. True spot colors and bang-on Pantone simulation. It even prints white.

Let’s talk productivity…the Indigo 10000 can speed through 3,450 4/0 sheets per hour; 1,725 4/4 sheets. Couple that with its imposition flexibility and we can produce your jobs faster than ever. Speed means economy. But the cost-effectiveness doesn’t end there. Variable digital technology means preprint can go the way of toner…another relic of the past. No more wasted money on outdated preprint.



Every marketer is looking for the next big thing. This could very well be that next big thing. From a business perspective it expands the Genesis platform to deliver enhanced touch point strategies, more precise targeting, and crazy-flexible creative development. In other words, it amps everything up. Customers will be able to make better use of their data, their budgets and their creativity to take their campaigns to all new levels.

Plus Genesis Direct didn’t invest in just one, no it had to be bigger… count em three HP Indigo 10000 printing presses.

This is really, really big news. For Genesis and for marketers.

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