A Perfect Pair: Integrating Email with Direct Mail Campaigns

In Marketing, we all know our goal is to:

  • Deliver the right message,

  • To the right audience,

  • At the right time,

  • In the right way.


Did you know that customers who purchase products and services because of a combination of Email and Direct Mail promotion tend to have higher average order values and much higher lifetime values than single channel customers?  Or that 47% of marketers report that email generates 47% more ROI than any other channel?


While the ROI varies by industry, typically you can expect, for every dollar invested in integrating email with direct mail marketing, you achieve a 5:1 return. It is especially helpful for increasing repeat purchases from existing customers. The case study below certainly helps to confirm that:



Below are a few ways you can integrate your email and direct mail efforts to engage your audience:

  • Combined Multi-Touch– Send an email prior to and after your direct mail campaign

  • Follow-Up Cross Sale Opportunities– Monitor purchase transactions and offer an email cross sell bonus (i.e. Sell a printer, offer ink cartridges)

  • Customer Service “Thank You” – Follow up with customer thank you emails for larger or bundled purchases

  • Reminders: “Sale Ending”– No order yet? Spark a reminder with an added incentive to create a sense of urgency

  • Special Offer:“Order Using This Coupon” – Track individual purchase behavior rather than just the overall campaign success



This well-known retailer has learned the benefits and does a great job integrating their email and direct mail efforts:


When Bed Bath & Beyond mails a coupon to their customers, they email the consumer letting them know the coupon is in the mail.


A Midwest furniture company found nearly a 75% increase in their average order amount by adding email to their direct mail promotions. 

The key is to use the data you have readily available to create RELEVANT emails to highly targeted audiences. Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

  • Use data collected, such as Gender Versions (Male vs Female), genre of purchase or purchase category, first purchase date, last purchase date, and method of purchase

  • Consider Third Party Overlay Data, such as Presence of Children, Age, Income, Birth month, Ethnicity, and other key demographic variables.


Consider the following types of services to populate and keep your data clean and accurate:

The best results are derived from a multi-channel approach, integrating direct mail and email, and utilizing digital targeting. Genesis Direct and Valid would welcome an opportunity to provide enhanced data, email and direct mail solutions to your marketing efforts!


Brenda McGowan

Client Development Director

Valid, Inc., Brenda.McGowan@valid.com

Brenda McGowan is an industry veteran working in the direct marketing industry for over 25 years. With a strategic focus, Brenda has gained valuable “hands on” experience by managing various production groups to develop clients’ needs into workable solutions. Brenda is an active Sponsor, former AMA Tampa Bay VP Board Director, and serves as President of the S.W.A.T. (Successful Women Aligning Together) Sun City Chapter. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Indiana University.

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