Not All Surveys Are Created Equal: Advantages of Sending Surveys via the Mail

Direct mail is delivered to a customer’s home or business where they can open and interact with it. A direct mail survey is often perceived as more credible than electronic surveys that may end up among a heap of spam in the inbox. Despite the digital methods of distribution offered by many companies, direct mail is an extremely cost-effective and powerful survey tool given the fact that consumers are overwhelmed in their digital lives.


Let’s review the advantages of mailing a survey:


High Open Rates

Direct mail surveys have a higher open rate than digital surveys. Consumers are more inclined to fill out a mailed survey that comes from a recognized business for which there is an existing relationship.  Mailed surveys often see completion rates that exceed 30%. MailChimp reports that open rates for their emailed surveys range from 14%- 28% [1].

When it comes to open rates, direct mail is king.



People still enjoy receiving mail, mailed surveys are no different. Compared to the endless stream of offers, daily deals and digital surveys, people are better able to remember mailed surveys weeks after receiving them.



Many people see direct mail as being more credible than online methods. This results in a better return rate and more time spent on completing a survey compared to digital equivalents.


Email and digital methods may be cheaper and faster options for businesses, but research shows that consumers respond consistently better to mail surveys [2].


Methods to Improving Response to your Mail Surveys

There are many ways to drive customer response rates to mail surveys. This can primarily be achieved through offering incentives in exchange for responses. Here are the key ways to generate responses from mail surveys.


Special Offers

Exclusive deals or special offers are an effective way of generating responses.



Coupons can help generate responses, offering to send coupons once the survey has been received. Coupons play into the reciprocity principle that is key to eliciting responses from customers [3]. Coupons offer a direct financial incentive for customers to spend money on your products or services.



Offering customers the chance to enter into a contest is a good way to boost response. This could be something as simple as a cash prize, gift cards, and discounts on products or services or anything else of monetary value.


Make Customers Feel Valued

Making customers feel valued is a key way of gaining responses from surveys. This means communicating genuine appreciation and openness to customer insights and feedback. Making customers feel they are important and their opinions matter is crucial [4].


No matter what method you utilize to lift response to your survey, making the survey visually appealing and easy to navigate are two key elements.


Surveys are a powerful way of generating valuable feedback and insights from your customers about your business. We recommend using these tried and tested ways of encouraging survey responses from your customers.


Genesis Direct Can Help

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