Variable Data Printing: An Innovative Marketing Technique that Makes a Huge Impact

Whether it was your initials carved on the trunk of a tree, your hand prints molded in the concrete sidewalk of your childhood home, or your first label maker you used to mark your name on all your valuables – personalization made an impact on your life early on. Now as adults we crave personalized experiences, from engraved jewelry and monogrammed bags to Netflix’s suggestions based on what we watch most. And it doesn’t end there.


According to a study from the University of Texas, our preference for personalization stems from two key factors:

  • The desire for control

  • Avoiding information overload


This carries into marketing when our email boxes and physical mailboxes get filled with generic messages every day. Personalized pieces avoid the trash when it’s apparent they’re created uniquely for you – giving you a sense of control over what you’re taking time to open, see, and respond to.

And with the sheer volume of information we process every day, personalization helps to prioritize what should be opened or thrown out.

At Genesis Direct, we specialize in marrying personal, engaging messages with Variable Data Printing technology to target your ideal recipient with the right message at the right time.


What’s Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a method of digital printing that allows businesses to print and mail custom content that’s uniquely personalized for each of their recipients using their client or prospect database.  When these databases contain information about the consumer, like presence of children in the home, age, income, buying patterns etc., the marketer can capitalize on this and craft a personal message to the recipient.


These variables then drive the content of the mail piece changing names, pictures, products, and unique offers –  even entire bodies of copy addressing the recipient. Personalizing content based on the individual and their needs can –

1. Increase engagement

2. Drive ROI

3. Aid retention

And it’s proven that customers are 75% more likely to purchase from retailers that personalize content than those who don’t.


How can VDP be used?  

Take a retail store for instance. Using their customers’ buying history, Genesis Direct can mail unique messages to their loyal customers with a coupon offer enclosed for one or more of the items they’ve purchased from this store in the past. Each household receives a different coupon based on their past buying behavior, and each mail piece is personalized to the consumer, grabbing their attention by tailoring the advertisement exclusive to them. For convenience, a QR code is printed on the coupons so the customer can load their unique offer on their smartphone to redeem at checkout.


This is just one of many examples since all Genesis Direct VDP campaigns are custom designed for each business and initiative.


How can VDP be used for my business?

As a direct mail and VDP industry leader for over 20 years, Genesis Direct has helped businesses from all industries acquire more members, find new customers and cross sell products while adapting to new technologies and driving clients’ ROI up with our targeted approach. Let us help you do the same!


For a free consultation and to learn how we can help your business grow, call or email Mike McNally.

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