Why it Pays to Send Customer Surveys


Sending surveys to your customers is extremely important for insight into their experience with your products and services and how you are satisfying their needs [1]. Your survey should help you learn about their expectations, experiences, and perceptions of you, and their customer satisfaction levels and areas where improvement is needed. Data based on these types of questions will help you improve your standing with customers and allow you to ultimately increase revenue. Here are the key reasons to survey customers:


Reason #1: Loyalty & Retention

Listening and understanding your customer is crucial for identifying their needs. You should conduct regular surveys to see how they feel about your company, products offered, services and prices. This will help you identify what customers like and dislike about your offerings, allowing you to spot areas for improvement. Customers that are happy with you and your offerings will be more likely to stick around, buy more, and share their experiences through word-of-mouth [2].


Reason #2: Engagement

Customers want to feel respected and engaged with you. Simply asking them to give their honest feedback, insights, perceptions and feelings increases their affinity towards your company [3]. They will feel valued as they share their experiences. An engaged customer is a loyal customer.


Reason #3: Improving your Offerings

You can improve your product and service offerings by gathering valuable feedback from customers. Responses to survey questions can identify design and functionality improvements that can be incorporated into your marketing strategy and to your products and services. Asking questions allows you to tap into previously unmet customer needs in order to improve your sales [4].


Methods for Sending Surveys

There are several different methods for sending surveys. Here are the main ways that you can deliver a survey for maximum effectiveness and response.


Survey Distribution Method #1: Direct Mail

Direct mail is a highly popular and effective way of sending surveys.. Using direct mail, you can micro-target customers based on their segment or location. Many people prefer answering a survey with pen and paper rather than online. Printed direct mail also allows you to integrate QR codes or website links, leaving the choice to the consumer/client to scan the QR code on their phone or follow a link to fill out a survey.


Survey Distribution Method #2: Email

Delivering an email survey is quick and easy. Once it has been sent, the recipient simply needs to click on a link within an email to open the survey. Using an email allows you to track who has clicked on and opened the email, as well as who has filled in the survey. People who have not opened the survey can have the survey re-sent to them.


Survey Distribution Method #3: Social Media

Social media is a popular way to share surveys. Using your fanbase, you can post a link to your survey that can be shared on your most popular channels. With a strong social media audience, you have access to an existing channel to distribute your survey. However, as surveys can be shared on social media they are not limited to your audience, you’ll have no control over who answers the survey until you choose to close it.




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