Genesis Direct Case Study: Home Improvement


The Client
A trusted company that provides high-profit home improvement services nationwide through licensed independent contractors. They are currently marketing 11 product categories for interior and exterior services. This includes kitchen and bath remodeling, window and door replacements, roofing and siding installations and more.


The Direct Marketing Challenge
Time. Prospect marketing is done through a variety of channels – direct mail, ad placement, in-bound telemarketing. If no appointment is set during the initial contact, the lead is forwarded to an independent contractor for follow-up. The time involved in making the subsequent contact had been enough to cool the interest. Drop-off was an ongoing obstacle.

How did we engage the prospects interest and provide value in setting or keeping their in-home design consultation – and do it quickly?


The Solution
iGen variable-data printing (VDP) technology. The client had an idea for an additional touch and Genesis Direct had ideas to kick it up a notch. Together we developed and designed an oversized self-mailer to stand out in the mailbox and to keep the prospect engaged. Each product-specific conversion mailer targets the prospect directly – name, project interest, regional information and more. The personalization helps to keep the project, and more importantly the beautiful finished project, top of mind…that’s the key.

The variable call to action incorporates an urgency of scheduling a design appointment, or the importance of keeping the appointment. The variable text and imaging has provided the perfect means of adding special offers, promoting a new interactive design tool, including a “to do” list or project checklist, and introducing new design concepts rapidly.


The Result
Speed to market has significantly reduced appointment drop-off. Our client is able to download prospect files nightly and have full-color, personalized conversion mailers out the door the very next day – first-class for even faster engagement.

The flexibility of variable-data printing (VDP) has been the greatest asset. By creating product-specific content, our client is able to change photos or messaging to fit the current market needs. With no pre-print to inventory, changes in creative are simple and economical.

ROI has been more than positive, reflecting a sizable increase in kept appointments, close ratios, product sold and ultimately sales dollars. This continues to be a successful direct marketing campaign.

Genesis Direct continues to assist this client's direct marketing with new creative strategies, concepts and designs while providing on-site mail production, and highly responsive customer service.

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